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Table 1 Results of product eco-friendliness test for various selected brand

From: Materials and manufacturing environmental sustainability evaluation of apparel product: knitted T-shirt case study

Branded T-shirt Results of formaldehyde test (in ppm).
(Detection limit: 16 ppm)
(Maximum limit: 75 ppm)
pH value test
(Maximum limit: 4.0–7.5 ppm)
Results of analysis of amines in azo dyestuffs (in ppm)
(Detection limit: 10 ppm)
Results of alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO) content test in ppm
(Detection limit: 30 ppm)
(Maximum limit: 100 ppm)
Brand A 11.42 6.4 Not detected Not detected
Brand B 20.47 5.7 Not detected Not detected
Brand C 17.82 6.2 Not detected Not detected
Brand D 32.45 5.5 13.5 Not detected
Brand E 46.23 7.4 31.7 47.6
Brand F 62.35 7.5 43.2 64.3
  1. Various test methods—formaldehyde test method: International Standard ISO 14184–1: 2011 (for textile and non-woven); pH value test method: ISO 3071:2006 extraction with potassium chloride (for textiles); analysis of amines in azo dyestuff test method: European Standard EN 14362–3: 2012. (for textile); alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO) content test method: methanol extraction and analysis of by liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS) (for textile)